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Shakehouse - Classic Rock

Pat Hatherly http://www.pathatherly.com/ wrote:
"Hey Dennis, had a great time last night.  Shakehouse is excellent.  Love your choice of music and the superb style in which it is presented."

Janan Frances, Images Unlimited CEO.
"I had the great pleasure of seeing Shakehouse perform live, and these guys are seasoned pros.  They can, and do, play anything, and they can play audience requests in the blink of an eye.  They are engaging, entertaining, extremely talented and very funny! "

In addition to entertaining their audience, SHAKEHOUSE loves to have the audience join in the show. The band passes out dozens of shakers and provides 4 conga drums onstage."

 SHAKEHOUSE  also perform as a Duo - under the heading - SCOOTER N' DD.
Every venue that they perform in, management and patrons alike agree - You Guys are Amazing

I don't think people up there, realize what a AMAZING singer Dennis Davies is." After performing with you and hearing your songs with Manny Charlton from Nazareth, I will say this, “your voice is not only beautiful and musically dynamic, but so soulful, it takes me through a myriad of emotions, Oh ya, your playin’ is pretty fine too!” -- Danny Hull - American Saxophone Icon, Doobie Brothers, Michael Bolton, Eddie Money, Robin Ford and the Yellow Jackets…

"How come you're not famous?  People who play and sing like that usually are." / Blues legend  - Sonny Rhodes - Smithville, Texas

well... I've known Dennis most my life. This Canadian Legend lives among us and at 68, you can still find him ROCKIN at clubs and just as fantastic as always! HE.. in my eyes, and many eyes, is a TRUE Canadian ROCK LEGEND. Thank you Dennis Davies for Decades of fantastic music! He has played with many legendary bands and is still doing so! Dennis Davies has never and will never stop being one of our Canadian music hero's... a true blue musician in every way. HERES to YOU, Mr. Dennis. YOU ROCK!!! - Marija Smolcic - International Recording Artist

Den hails from the mountains of Kimberley British Columbia and is one of Canada’s premier entertainers, a true light in the Canadian music industry. With over 50 years of live playing experience and world touring, Den now calls Calgary his home.

Den's dynamic playing and singing will blow you away. Den has played with many famous bands and people over the years and was even a Juno nominee at one point in his career.  Some of the people Dennis has worked with include: The Stamps, The Ronnie King Band, Friends (Fosterchild), BOOTLEG - [Winnipeg ] Johnny Rivers, The Ventures, Roy Orbison and the list is long. 

Dennis was even involved in the music track for the movie "Cool Runnings" starring the late great John Candy.  If you look close enough you can even see his nose in the movie!  (Bar Scene in The Ranchmans).


Dennis surrounds himself with some of the greatest musicians in North America and connects with his audience like no other performer can.  Dennis prides himself on his interactive performances and the ability to play all types and styles of music, leaving the audiences always wanting more.

Dennis can provide a world class band for any venue, from the smallest nightclub to arena and coliseum shows.  When you want the best value for your entertainment dollar, you need not look any further.   When it is critical to have the right band for the right venue you can expect world class music and pure professionalism that is unsurpassed in quality and entertainment value.

• 10 year music partnership with bassist/vocalist Ronnie King of legendary Canadian band THE STAMPEDERS

• Played with Ronnie King in official band celebrating the arrival of the STANLEY CUP at Olympic Plaza in Calgary, 1989

• Performed and recorded as key member of 'POTTS', a rock operetta written by Calgary artist Richard Harrow, based on the life of frontier scout Jerry Potts, the operetta earning a substantial Government Grant on the merits of quality and originality

• Performed on the soundtrack of hit movie 'COOL RUNNINGS'

Most recently, Dennis performed the song 'SUNSHINE' as a special guest artist on the 2016 album release 'MANNY CHARLTON SOLO....with a little help'. Manny Charlton is the founder and leader of legendary Scottish rock band NAZARETH, and is a highly acclaimed international songwriter, performer, producer and recording artist.

One final note: On Saturday May 27th I went with Dennis to a Celebration of Life honoring a friend who had passed on. Dennis concluded the day by performing 3 songs with guitar, piano and harmonica accompaniment. His second song was 'GO REST HIGH ON THAT MOUNTAIN' by Vince Gill. The audience - including a large contingent of the friend's family - was spellbound. Not a soul moved, there was total stillness, the audience at the IRONWOOD THEATER was riveted. Tears welled in eyes, brimmed and overflowed. It is my experience as a musician that making your audience
dance, sing, laugh and have a great time is a good accomplishment. When you've made your audience cry, well, THEN you've done your job. Gerry Mudry
Recording Artist - Quality/Barry Canada, Avco Embassy-Mala/Bell Records U.S.A.


The DD Davies All Star Show Band 
AKA "The Contenders"

Kindred Spirits - Celtic Rock

Marty & The Beebops - 50's Rock 'n' Roll

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Sunshine - vocal - Dennis Davies - written - Manny Charlton

Hearts Grown Cold - vocal - Dennis Davies - written -    Manny Charlton